Oh My Goodness, now what?

Greetings and salutations my fine Wiccan and other friends. I am a lucky girl. I have to do the wheel of the year for my coven. I am currently a student of Ecletic Paths Coven, we practice at Covensted or the home of Owl Phoenix and her husband. She studied in Ecletic paths Wicca and he is a firm believer of Pan. Or Egyptian Wicca. So we have a merry mix of folks who study whatever path they want. Which is great so my problem is the wheel of the year. and I need to find out what is the dark time and what is the light time of the wheel. When the harvesting begins and the crops die and the sun leaves the sky early and the light when we begin to plant and things begin to grow and we prepare for the harvesting of our crops. Please let me know if you don’t understand because it isn’t hard to figure out what the light and dark times mean in the olden days. Crops and such. But it befuddles me that I cannot figure out our Wiccan holidays with the cycle of the crops. I am trying to get over something like a sickness. It is rage. Have you ever felt gut renching rage? Well it is hard to do anykind of project when your mind is in the gutter with rage. So I’ve been told a hundred times what Samhein pronounced Sowenn, is and what the dark times are and I still can’t remember them. I just got off the phone with a good coven mate and he told me and he also told me that anything with a mas at the end of it is the Christian version of a word. Is that crazy or what. Llewellyn’s Press is usually very good to us Wiccans and would never print a false hood. That is just the way it is. So I go to the witches bible and find out how to spell Lammas the right way with the right word and it sounds like something Hitler flew over England and dropped bombs from. I do not understand how the hell I am going to put the dark times and light times together with how I’ve made my wheel. I used blue and black construction paper with white wedges and I need to find a way to put some kind of thing on this wheel that reminds me of what the holiday means to me. For Yule I have a really beautiful angel and for the other seven sabbats I have no idea what to use. I am going to do the best I can and next week we are meeting at Covensted to work on our wheel of the year. I am also suppose to make a wheel of the year events calender for my Book of Shadows. This is where I put my spells and I use either dragon’s blood or dove’s blood ink so that it is perfect. I still have yet to put my spells in my book of shadows. I am going to put my first one in when this project of mine which has nothing to do with the wheel of the year is finished. I have some herbs to find and a small art project to do and my candles are on the way and I have to stuff and bind and sew and grind and go to the graveyard and get my dirt. That is another project all together. I must focus on my wheel of the year but my other project, the one I need to use to quell my rage, is my main focus. I even have some herbs to grow. Crazy huh? If you read my prior post about herbs and Elizabeth Anna’s Old World Garden then you too can find herbs and get them started for you so you never have to find them again. The only problem with my herb garden is that I am afraid I am going to kill my cat on accident so I’ll grow her some catnip and she’ll have her own little herb in the garden she can eat. Anyway do you see my problem? Rage and a prior project. You need to do this before you can do that. I have a lot to do to finish my project that has been going to make me feel like a cat in catnip to coin a phrase. No More Rage. All gone and done with. I will get this project done so I can work on my wheel of the year. Maybe I should stop Covensted and get my loose ends tied up and then begin again. What do you think?  Should I keep trying to study my craft and work on the wheel of the year and my Sabbats spells, food, and craft project, or should I stop trying to study with others and go out on my own and figure out what is killing me inside? I hope to hear from someone who will at least give me some advice and let me know how I should deal with this. I still plan to blog about Wicca and how I work with it and how to do things like make potions brews oils and soaps and other things you need for rituals spells and where to find things that may make you life easier but am I doing the right thing or am I half assing one thing when another occupies my time? Blessed be. Byrony

Calendrier Maçonnique © (a.k.a. « The Sad Thing About ‹ Byrony Coffin › »)

Le calendrier maçonnique est la manière particulière utilisée par les franc-maçons pour numéroter les années et désigner les mois.

L’an 1 du calendrier maçonnique est l’Année de la Vraie Lumière — Anno Lucis en latin. Il marque le début de l’Ere de la Vraie Lumière (VL). Avant Anno Lucis apparaissent à partir du xviiie siècle sur des documents anglais les termes Anno Masonry, puis Anno Latomorum, Anno Lithotomorum ou Anno Laotomiae (Ère des Tailleurs de pierre). La datation de l’Année de la Vraie Lumière se baserait sur les calculs de James Ussher, prélat anglican né en 1580 à Dublin. Il avait élaboré une chronologie débutant avec la création du monde selon la Genèse, qu’il estimait à 4004 av. J.-C., se basant sur le texte massorétique plutôt que sur la Septante.

Le pasteur Anderson l’a préconisée dans ses Constitutions de 1723 pour affirmer symboliquement l’universalité de la maçonnerie en adoptant une chronologie supposée indépendante des particularismes religieux, à tout le moins dans le contexte britannique de l’époque. La date choisie pour le début de l’Ère maçonnique est 4000 avant le début de l’ère commune.

L’année maçonnique a la même longueur que l’année grégorienne, mais débute le 1er mars comme l’année julienne encore en vigueur à l’époque de la rédaction des Constitutions d’Anderson. Elle prend le millésime de l’année grégorienne en cours, augmenté de 4000 ; les mois ne sont désignés que par leur numéro ordinal.
Exemples : le 29 février 2004 a été Le 29e jour du 12e mois de l’an 6003 de la Vraie Lumière
le 1er mars 2004 a été Le 1er jour du 1er mois de l’an 6004 de la Vraie Lumière

L’année maçonnique comporte deux fêtes : la saint-Jean d’Été (Jean le Baptiste, fêté le 24 juin) et la saint-Jean d’Hiver (Jean l’Évangéliste, fêté le 27 décembre), coïncidant symboliquement avec les solstices.


Petrified Wood: The Power Of The Ages.

Merry meet my fellow Wiccan Brother’s and Sister’s I hope Thanksgiving is a memory you’ll never forget. I am onto a new kick. It’s my crystal collection. This photo is a picture of Petrified Wood. Chakra Correspondences: Earth star, Base, Sacral, solar plexis, higher heart, (thymus).