A Mistake Has Been Made.

I would like to say hello to my Wiccan Brothers and Sisters. I would also like to say that I try not to screw the pooch to often when I’m presenting a blog to you. I am wrong with the alter situation when it comes to Raymond Buckland. I am right about Anna Riva, you only need four candles to do her form of candle magic and three different sets of oils. With Buckland you could end up using several more than just four candles. He and Anna are the same and have the same alter set ups (almost) and the same ritual baths processes. They don’t, however use the same candle set up. You can use up to seven candles in a Buckland ritual. Also when you cleanse a candle you do it under running water like your sink, use the Holy water to purify them and that you’ll have to bless them. After all that, in Anna, you dress them with whatever oils you’re instructed to use. Sorry for the error and I’ll explain more tomorrow and I’ll explain how each one does it. I’ve got more changes to add in my next post and I hope you can wait until tomorrow to do your candle magic. I don’t want you to make any mistakes like me giving you the wrong information in the first place. Bright Blessings. Byrony

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