Color Significance.

Merry meet my following Wiccan’s. I hope all is well with my magical folk. Since we’ve gone through the basic rules, now we’re going to go over color significance. There are 200 or more books on the subject of color-from such diverse points as how color can affect moods, beauty, emotions, creativity, health, and sales. And while we are not getting deeply into color symbology, it does prove that color is extremely important. It is not without meaning when we say “lack with rage” or other things such as “he has a yellow streak down his back a mile wide”. Color has great meaning in everyone’s life.

Here’s some colors and their meanings:
Black: Evil, loss, adversity, protection from evil spirits, shield from the evil eye, repel black magic
Blue: Truth, health, inspiration, wisdom, immortality, loyalty, serenity, sincerity, devotion, kindness, patience, fidelity, honesty, peace, harmony in the house
Brown: Balance, concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, intuitive, communication, earthiness, thrift
Green: Abundance, coöperation, generosity, fertility, success, luck, money, ambition, greed, envy, peace, harmony, health, healing
Orange: Joy, enthusiasm, friendship, attraction, stimulation, self-control, adaptability, intellect, receptivity, organization
Pink: Affection, service, love, honor, spiritual, awakening, unselfishness, leadership, diplomacy, femininity
Purple: Dignity, ambition, idealism, wisdom, psychic ability, power, progress, independence, protection, pride, honors
Red: Life, love, sex, courage, energy, strength, health, impulsive, fiery, will power, conceit, vitality, magnetism
White: Purity, truth, sincerity, spirituality, wholeness, generosity, expansion, outgoing cleansing, respect, innocence, prophecy, clairvoyance
Yellow: Unity, success, universal love, activity, creativity, action, development of occult powers, invoke spirits, inspiration, concentration

In most spell books they will give you a color to use as an astral candle, personal candle, objectives candle. I can give you a list of colors you can use as a personal candle, but there are two ways you can go by. One has two colors and is by Marie Laveau whom I think is wonderful and two, the other color list has eight or so colors so you pretty much can choose any color. So instead I’m going to tell you to choose your own personal color. Mine are purple and yellow. I hope this helps you get the colo perspective. Bright Blessings. Byrony.

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