The Ceremony and How It Works.

Welcome to my post my fellow Wiccan Brothers and Sisters I hope all is well in your magic world. Mine is pretty satisfying. Today I took my shower and my ritual bath. Tonight I’m going to perform my first candle burning ceremony. I am going to use Anna Riva and all the oils required to complete the spell. I’ve got to sort my oils, mark the top with a Sharpie, and prepare for my ritual. I’m super excited about tonight. Here is how Anna Riva prepares you for your ritual

Preparation from Anna Riva.
Each and every one of us has used candle magic since early childhood and probably use it still! This may seem like an extravagant claim, but it is true — for what custom is more universally accepted than that of having candles on the birthday cake and making your wishes come true with them. Make a wish and it will come true if you blow out all the candles in one breath. This simple candle rite is based on the two fundamentals of all magic rituals — concentration of the mind and a symbol on which to focus attention.

She goes on to say that candles have both an aesthetic and spiritual appeal to all of us and light is the symbol of truth. Candle burning is the most used and the most simple of the magical arts. It requires no complicated evocations or invocations, no expensive materials, no unique preparations, and no special training. You use your own powers of mind, determination, force of will, and no special training. You use your own powers of mind, determination, force of will, and desire to bring about the results you want.

The rules are few and easy to follow. All that is required for success is a candle, a purpose, and a concentrated force of power directed toward the objective through one’s mental energies. Any kind of candle can be used — you can make them yourself or buy them — but they must be new and used for one purpose only. The size and shape is not indicative of the success of the rites. Once used in a ritual, a candle should not be used again for a new or different intention even if the candle is only partially consumed. A candle can be lighted, allowed to burn for a period of time, the flame extinguished, and then re-lighted again and again hourly, daily, or weekly — whatever schedule you have decided upon — but if your purpose changes candle ritual is in Anna Riva’s book so do not delay.


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