My Evil Catchers As I Call Them

Merry meet my fellow Wiccan Brothers and Sisters. Hopefully you’re doing better than I. I’ve just finished having a botched back surgery. Now not only does my back hurt but I now have nerve damage to my left calf and the top and bottom of my foot. My doctor went into the lobby to tell my family that I’m his only failure. So I have had a ton of pain medication today, both Versed and Fentanyl. I am going to tell you I was afraid before I went into this procedure but when the pain began to radiate down the whole bottom of my body like lightning it was pretty scary and I wanted to run. But I was told not to move prior to the procedure so I stayed very still because after all they were sticking needles into my spine… I don’t know how I did it. They tried five times and much of my back looks like a connect the dot pattern. My foot and leg are painful. I’m done complaining.

Just lets say it went badly and you know this is true when the doctor admits he’s never missed being able to do the procedure every time he’s done it. I’m the first fuck up ever pardon my fiery rage and use of a word I would never use. Please. Forgive me. Guess I wasn’t done complaining.

Now what I really came to tell you about. It is what I call an Evil Catcher. This is one of the few things I learned in that crazy coven. You can call it what you will but Evil Catcher stuck with me so here we go.

Jo Ann Fabrics should pay me for all the promotional shout outs I give them. But any good craft store will do. But if it has to do with crafts, I go to the local Jo Ann’s and buy my beads. They have all my scrapbooking stuff and my alter clothes, and beads, and ribbon in hundreds of different colors. So this trip was for beads and ribbon for my Evil Catcher for my living room window and repair the one in my sister’s room because the cat ate it. I’ll show you the one from my room because it’s finished. I have taken some beautiful photos of mine because it was the only one my lazy butt finished. That’s not true, I did one for Tom and Sue, one for Sara and Sean with real crystals. Rose Quartz, Turquoise, and Amethyst. It was done with jewelry string instead of ribbon. Let me also tell you that Gorilla Super Glue works best and I’ve tried a few. Crazy stinks.

Here we go. Take a piece you’ve chosen for the end like I’ve shown you in the photograph. Tie it tightly and put a dab of Gorilla Glue on it to secure and let it dry. Now, once it’s dry, start putting a row of five beads on the ribbon and it should cover the ribbon you’ve tied on top of the clasp. I have made one of the one’s I’m going to show you. But I’ve made many with jewelry string. It is much easier to make them with ribbon.

I have now taken the ribbon, and I’ve glued the bottom piece to the strand of ribbon. I’ve added my five beads and now I need to take two pieces of mirror and I am going to glue them together. You are using ribbon on this Evil Catcher so it is easier to glue the mirrors together. You should also keep the beads as tight to the front piece and the mirrors tight to the mirrors which ever shape you use. Now you take the next five beads and put them on the ribbon and make sure they are tight to the first mirror and tight to the second mirror. You also choose the mirror opposite to the mirror you used the first time if you choose to make it with different shaped mirrors. I have a lot of time into mine. I made I think five rows and I used five or six mirrors. I used a small round one at the top to finish it off. Next I left enough ribbon to make it as long as I wish to make it. I have now finished and I have to now decided what you want to leave to tie your suction cup onto it or you Clear Command Product, I know you’ve seen the commercials. So I leave very little to tie it on because I use Gorilla Glue on the tie on the end.

When I’ve finished I actually tie the ribbon around the suction cup and wrap it around a few times and tie it again. I know this sounds like over-kill but you need to make sure that you’re not going to lose your Evil Catcher in the middle of the night due to a faulty tie job and break a bunch of mirrors. You know the old adage about broken mirrors. I find that they only come apart and you have to glue them together again and don’t break all the way.

Like we have discussed the fact that you need your supplies, beads, ribbon, Gorilla Glue, a show piece for the bottom, five large beads of a basic color pattern. Two mirrors, small round and square. And one package of tiny round and square mirrors to finish off your piece. Jewelry string if you plan on using crystals with small holes in them. and suction cups or Command Products Clear to hang on your window. Now you have learned that I am freaking out about my botched surgery and how to keep Evil out of your home because Evil hates to see itself in the mirror.

Now that is the one thing I learned in the coven, how to keep Evil out of your home by putting mirrors in your windows and doors. I hope that you like the one I show you better than the ghetto one I first saw when I learned about Evil and how to keep it away. I don’t believe in Satan but I do believe that evil is out there, look at all the crime we have and hunger and people not helping out our own children and women and families trying to stay together. If one set of six mirrors can keep all that out of my home I am going to start stringing beads tonight. I know it is silly but it is a good project for a boring day, a good way to spend some money, and it will keep you out of trouble. You know that idle hands are the devils playthings. Just kidding all my Wiccan Brothers and Sisters.

I hope you enjoyed my ranting and raving, and craziness. I hope you really try to make one of my Evil Catchers. I actually had a lot of fun making mine and I know that you sometimes have to be in the mood but when you look at mine you’ll see the work and gathering was all worth the trouble. I hope you and I both have a beautiful day tomorrow. I hope that we are all going to be blessed by the Goddess. I hope The Morrigan comes to fight my battles and I come out on top. Bright Blessings. Byrony

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