To My Friend Cassandra.

Merry Meet my fellow Wiccan Brother’s and Sister’s I hope all is well. I am going to tell you about someone else’s blog today, it is called Book Of Shadows and it is by my friend and fellow blogger Cassandra. I have learned more about healing and herbs and tarot cards and Wicca from Cassandra then I have from some of the people I went to Coven with. In fact Coven was a group of crazy people who are all crippled in some fashion and if you didn’t have some kind of problem you couldn’t be a part of the group. One time we had a man who said he was from Atlantis and when asked to write a paper he wrote it in Atlantean? When the instructor asked him to translate his paper, he was unable to do so. So I’ll stick with Cassandra and the other beautiful bloggers I’ve been so lucky to meet up with on this site. Not to mention it has given me an outlet to share any knowledge I may be able to contribute to the group of us girls because I have yet to run into any men as of yet. Men where are you? We are willing to share with you guys too. I am just going to say one more thing. I feel I’ve made a beautiful friend that I may have for years because of the Wiccan Blog Section of the WordPress Website. Thank you all for your knowledge and stories and legends and the opportunity to let me give back to you as well. You will never know how much it makes me want to learn more so I can share it all with you all. I am so glad that I’ve got all of you. I love to respond to you all and I love to get your responses and kind words from you all on the posts I try to work so hard on. I am going to keep writing as long as you keep reading and I’ll keep writing even if you don’t but thank you all for being there and I’m going to say the most wonderful person of all, I think the first person who ever responded to one of my blogs. May the Goddess bless you Cassandra and all our fellow bloggers who work so hard and put so much of themselves into their own blogs. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Bright Blessings. Byrony.

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