Trial and Error

Merry Meet my fellow Wiccan’s I am happy to say I broke out my Calligraphy Pens and Tools and began to write. I am just writing spells and names right now I have a prosperity candle to light tonight. It is the last night I have to burn it, I should have burned it sooner but I waited till the Blue Moon started and I’ve lit it for as long as I could stand to concentrate on it. Now I’ve got a lot to go and I am preparing for ritual. I love the whole pomp and ceremony of a special candle from a special friend. I use the Temple Illuminati to talk to other Wiccan’s. Wiccans Together seemed like a children’s site this one has discussion groups and serious people talking serious magick. The current discussion is Alister Crowley and his brand of Magick. I am not into it like I should be so I politely excused myself and went my merry way. I am listening to an old Iron Maiden Record Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I am listening to it because I love the story it tells. Yes it is a story.

I’ve met a wonderful woman named Catherine on Temple. She responds to all of my posts and I don’t write many because if I’m going to write I’m going to write a post. I am going to do the best I can to keep you all entertained. That is not easy to do. I am going to let you all go now. Please pray for my meditation on my prosperity candle. I am going to open the road and see what all of my options are. Please be safe this Labor day. I bless and hold you all dear to my heart. Brightest Blessings. Byrony.

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