The New Year!

Well greetings and salutations my fellow Wiccan brothers and sister’s. It’s truly Byrony Coffin, or the “mistake” Kristen Greener. I know that my site has been compromised and I don’t really want to change anything that has been posted on my site no matter how bad it may have been or what it may have said. A friend of mine got angry with me and I hurt her. She is my friend and I’ve been speaking with her for months and I love her no matter what it is that was said because I forgive her and hold no ill will against her in any way. I hope that no one was personally offended by anything said in my name. I am positive that she is upset about the whole thing. I am trying to get a hold of her as we so speak. I am going to talk about that today. Forgiving my friend of years of being human. I am actually flattered by the extent of her fury. Not to many people would be that furious about our particular disagreement with one another. She, I’ve come to discover, is an amazing person of many facets. She’s a student at University and has an amazing man who loves her dearly and I am so glad that we’re friends who respect one another. Plus she’s intelligent beyond what one could hope for in a friend. I am lucky to have been a friend of hers. She has a job and loves to talk to me and tries to find the time to do so daily. I’m lucky to have such an amazing friend. I hope you all find yourself a few peep people in this life who love you enough to go a little bit out there to see if you are paying attention to the right things in life, like the people who matter. My friend Cassandra matters to me. Brightest blessings to you Cassandra and everyone else who happens to read this blog and has a great few, like me, to call friend. Till next time. Byrony Coffin.

2 thoughts on “The New Year!

  1. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    This is so beautiful, Kristen! I’m happy you have decided to share your thoughts with the world and blog again. I think it helps to write down things in life and then read it afterwards. It keeps you going, in a way.
    I’m really busy with university these days, but when I shall find enough time, I shall try to retrieve your past posts from internet archives and copy them back into this blog, if you’re okay with that. It will look just like before. I noticed you changed your theme here, and I’m glad you found out how to do it by yourself. I’m proud of you. I shall visit this blog often now to see what is on your mind in the future.
    Be well, dear Kristen, and contact me anytime on my personal email address or Facebook.🐻

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