Goddess Help Me!

Goddesses of the Celtic Pantheon I need your help. I’m so confused about this life. How do you figure out what someone’s feelings are when you can not get a message from that person? I am checking the mail box every day and sometimes they’ve got a few pieces of mail, but it is never for me? Doesn’t he understand that I am waiting for him to send word that he is okay? I’m waiting to find out if I am wasting your time and mine? I’ve been feeling played in this situation and I don’t like the feeling of misery that it’s bringing me. To wonder how someone else is feeling stinks. I am hoping that no one ever has to see this extubated sense of the bad feelings for someone and it’s hard not to feel a little used and abused by this man who is the love of my life. I’m sure that I can get over it. I’m resilient and then some. I am more than a realist and I feel like a fool for putting myself in a place where I can get hurt. But hurt fades away and then healing begins. I’m always going to survive the pain. I am, after all, a survivor. Who isn’t? Anyway I guess I am going to move forward with my life and try to forget the whole thing. I may love him, but love won’t kill me. Resilience is the key to recovering from heart-break. Brightest blessings to all of you. Kristen Leigh.

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